The Lee County School District serves 7,000 school bus stops daily.

Of the 7,000 school bus stops, 2,500 pick up children in the dark. 

On average, there are approximately 16,000 changes made to the physical school bus stop locations each year in Lee County.

School Bus-Stop Safety Lights, the solar-powered, streetlight with built-in amber/white flashing LED safety lights mounted on a galvanized steel pole.

        • Solar-powered. No on-going electrical costs.

        • Motion-Sensor. Stays illuminated for 20 minutes after the last detection of movement.

        • Speed testing conducted by police officer with radar gun documented a 30% reduction in car speed.

        • Withstands high winds for hurricane safety.

        • Can be mobilized and relocated to other school bus stops, as needed.

        • 1-year service warranty.

        • Low voltage, so safe for children.

        • Easy installation. Less than 4 hours time.

        • Low-cost. $980/unit.

Before the Light is Activated

Before the light is activated

After the Light is Activated

After the light is activated

Parents of Lee County Students Agree the School Bus-Stop Safety Lights is the best choice.

Lee County parents rated Fort Myers-based School Bus-Stop Safety Lights’s School Bus-Stop Safety LightsTM, the solar-powered, streetlight with built-in amber/white flashing LED safety lights mounted on a galvanized steel pole, the clear #1 choice in all five categories:

  • most effective for keeping children safe
  • fastest installation time
  • lowest cost to purchase and install
  • least amount of traffic disruption during installation
  • best suited to adapt to the l6,000 changes in school bus stop locations made each year in Lee County

Do Parents Consider School Bus-Stop Safety Lights to be
"Worth or Well-Worth the Tax Dollars"?

(Results based on August, 2019 Survey)


School Bus-Stop Safety Lights 


Signs with Solar Beacons 


Sidewalks and Crosswalks 


Permanent Streetlights 



In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 214 children were killed by a vehicle while walking, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying down.


14% (30) occurring between 6 am - 8:59 am


33% (70) between 3 pm - 5:59 pm


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